​​​​​​​Flight attendant serving a drink  

If you love to travel and are looking for a meaningful new career, combine your wanderlust and professional aspir​ations into a new career as a Compass Airlines flight attendant. 

A career as a flight attendant is ideal for those who are looking for something outside the norm of a typical 9-5 and who thrive in a non-traditional work environment. 

Compass flight attendants are highly professional, dependable and have outstanding customer service skills.  The ability to work flexible schedules is a must, as Compass flight attendants may be called upon to fly at a moment's notice.


Our invitation-only Flight Attendant Information Sessions provide a comprehensive overview of flight attendant requirements and expectations.  To be considered for an invitation, you must first complete our online application.  If your background and 10 year work history are a fit, you'll receive an invitation to an Information Session via email.  You will be given the option to choose one of the session dates listed below. 

Session Dates:​
SEA - 10/18/2018​​​
LAX- 10/23/2018
PHX- 10/25/2018
For information regarding flight attendant careers at Compass Airlines, please contact CompassFAHiring@compassairline.com.
Seattle (SEA) 
Los Angeles (LAX)​
Phoenix* (PHX)

•   Medical Insurance

•   Dental Insurance
•   Life Insurance   
•   401(K)
•   Paid Vacation
•   Travel Benefits
Compass Airlines is an equal opportunity employer.