​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Compass Airlines proudly flies the Embr​aer 170 and 175, two of the largest and most technologically advanced aircraft in the regional airline industry.  Our rigorous screening and selection process means that ​only the very best applicants are chosen to fly for Compass, and it's no surprise that Compass pilots ​are in high demand across the industry.  Pilots hired by Compass have gone on to experience growth and advancement opportunities far beyond the typical professional progression of a regional airline pilot, and we expect this trend to continue.

Programs and Requirements​​

Pilots hired at Compass receive a PIC EMB170/190 type rating upon completion of initial training.  Other benefits include:

•   Medical, Dental & Life Insurance​​
•   401(K)​
•   Paid Vacation
•   Travel benefits​​
•   Jumpseat privileges
•   Paid training and complemen​tary accomo​dations during training (double occupancy)

Additional​ Pilot Benefits
•   $10,000 First Oficer signing bonus  Learn more  
•   Tuition Reimbursement for ATP Flight School student instructors  Learn more​​
​•   ATP-CTP course provided for qualified candidates

For questions regarding pilot career opportunities at Compass, please contact ​​pilothiring@compassairline.com.  


Meet a Recruiter
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Crew bases

Pilot Seniority
Most Junior First Officers and Ca​ptains by Date of Hire​
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Compass Airlines is an equal opportunity employer