We know that you have big goals.  At Compass, you're going to get the experience and training you need to achieve them.  In a 15 month period, nearly 200 of our pilots were hired by some of the most respected airlines in the country. 

At Compass Airlines, we take pilot satisfaction seriously.  We want our pilots to be happy and to enjoy their jobs.  Part of how we accomplish this is by giving our pilots as much support as possible.  Flight Ops management is visible and engaged in day-to-day operations, and management doors are always open.  

Compass is currently accepting applications for spring and summer 2017 new hire classes.   ​​

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Compass first year, First Officer pay is one of the highest in the regional ​airline industry, at $36.71 per flight hour.

Commuter Hotels
Compass offers commuting pilots four paid hotel stays per month.  ​

Pilots hired at Compass receive a PIC EMB1​70/190 type rating upon completion of initial training.  Other benefits include:
•   Medical, Dental & Life Insurance​​
•   401(K)​
•   Paid Vacation​
•   Travel benefits​​
•   Jumpseat privileges
•   Paid training and complimentary​ accommo​dations during training
Additional​ Pilot Benefits​
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•   Tuition Reimbursement for ATP Flight School student instructors  Learn more​​
​•   ATP-CTP course provided for qualified candidates


For questions regarding pilot career opportunities at Compass, please contact 
pilothiring@compassairline.com.  ​

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Compass Airlines is an equal opportunity employer.