​In the air and on the ground, our customers have the right to expect respect, courtesy, fairness, and honesty from the airline they have selected for travel.  Compass Airlines operates flights on behalf of Delta Air Lines (as Delta Connection) and American Airlines (as American Eagle).  We are committed to working with our partners to ensure that our passengers receive the best possible service.  We pledge to:


Offer the lowest fare available
All Compass Airlines ticketing and reservations functions are handled by our mainline partners, Delta Air Lines​ and American Airlines.  Please contact our partner airlines directly to determine the lowest published fare available for the date, flight and class of service requested. 

American Airlines Reservations


Delta Air Lines Reservations



Notify customers of known delays, cancellations, and diversions
As soon as we become aware of a service interruption, we will relay that information to our partners so that they may proactively take steps to help customers reach their intended destinations with minimal interruption.  We will also notify the affected station so that staff can relay timely, clear and concise information to customers in the boarding gate area, and our flight crews will update customers regarding the reason for the delay or cancellation as soon it becomes available.

For the most up-to-date information regarding Compass Airlines delays or cancellations, please contact our partner airlines directly.

American Airlines Flight Status Notification


Delta Air Lines Flight Status and Information



Deliver Baggage On time
Compass Airlines will make every reasonable effort to ensure that our passengers receive their baggage when they arrive at their final destinations.  In the event of a delay, passengers will be reimbursed for reasonable toiletry items and essentials for the duration of time that they are without their baggage.    

To track delayed baggage or for delayed baggage compensation information, please contact the appropriate airline directly. 

American Airlines Baggage Information

Delta Air Lines Baggage Information


Allow reservations to be canceled without penalty for a certain period of time, as defined by our partners
For more information regarding our partners' cancellation policies, please visit:

American Airlines Guaranteed Fares and 24 Hour Hold Policy

Delta Air Lines Risk Free Cancellations


Provide Proper Ticket Refunds

All refunds for Compass Airlines flights are processed by our partners.  For more information regarding our partners' reimbursement policies, please visit:

American Airlines Refunds

Delta Air Lines Refunds


Properly accommodate passengers with disabilities and other passengers with special needs, including during tarmac delays

Accommodating individuals with special needs, including those with disabilities and unaccompanied minors, is a top priority at Compass Airlines. We conduct ongoing training for employees who work in customer contact positions to ensure that all customers with special needs receive the level of service they deserve and should expect.

When making your reservations, please notify the reservations agent of any special needs you have.  If booking your travel online, please select your special needs requirements when you reserve your travel. This will alert employees of your needs so they can better assist you when you travel.

For more information regarding the services our partners provide passengers with special needs, please visit:


Compass Airlines Tarmac Delay Plan

American Airlines Special Assistance

Delta Airlines Special Needs FAQ


Meet our customers' essential needs during lengthy tarmac delays
When events and obstacles beyond our control, such as severe weather or Air Traffic Control delays cause lengthy delays on the ramp, we strive to minimize delays and passenger inconvenience as much as possible, per the policies stated in our and our partners' Extended Taxi Delay Plans.

Compass Airlines Tarmac Delay Contingunecy Plan


Treat customers who are denied boarding due to oversales with fairness and consistency in accordance with DOT Regulations and our partners' policies and procedures for determining boarding priority

Occasionally we may not be able to provide you with a seat on a specific flight, even if you hold a ticket and have checked in on time and comply with other requirements.  This is called an oversale, and it occurs when more customers have checked in and are prepared to board than we have available seats.  If you are involuntarily denied boarding and have complied with our check-in and other applicable rules, you will be entitled to compensation and transportation on an alternate flight.  Additional information regarding denied boarding polices is available on our partner airlines' websites.

American Customer Commitment

Delta Air Lines Customer Commitment (Section 8)


Disclose travel itineraries, cancellations, frequent flyer rules and aircraft seating configurations
For information regarding your travel itinerary, flight cancellations, airline frequent flyer programs and aircraft information, please visit:

American Airlines Reservations FAQ

American Airlines Flight Status Notification

American Airlines Frequent Flyer Details (AAdvantage)

American Airlines Embraer 175 Aircraft General Information


Delta Air Lines Travel Itinerary

Delta Air Lines Cancellations

Delta Air Lines Frequent Flyer Program (SkyMiles)

Delta Airlines Bombardier CRJ-700 Aircraft Seating Configuration


Ensure responsiveness to customer complaints

Customer feedback is very important to us.  Written complaints will be acknowledged within 30 days of receipt and a substantive written response will be sent within 60 days.  For more information regarding the submission of questions or complaints, please visit:

American Airlines Compliments/Complaints/Comments

Delta Air Lines Comments/Complaints


Provide services to mitigate inconveniences resulting from cancellations and misconnections

In order to mitigate inconveniences during irregular operations such as delays or cancellations, our partner airlines will do their best to notify you of the operational irregularity in advance using the contact information in your reservation.  In the event that you are inconvenienced overnight while away from your home or destination due to a delay, misconnect or cancellation within our control, such as a mechanical or crew issue, our airline partners will provide meal allowances and hotel accommodations.  For complete information regarding our partners' policies and procedures during irregular operations, please visit:

American Airlines Customer Service Plan

Delta Air Lines Customer Commitment (Section 12)​

Compass Airlines is an equal opportunity employer.